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is a real world escape room adventure app.

Explore new places as the app leads you to fun and challenging puzzles you must solve to move on to the next. Think outside the box and finish the Appventure before time runs out!

Appventures uses your location, camera, microphone, accelerometer, and other features to create a truly unique, enjoyable, and stimulating experience you'll never forget! VIEW PROJECT
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is all about enjoying life with family and friends.

Browse hundreds of activity ideas across various interests, group sizes, budgets, and more. Once you've found the perfect idea for the mood, make a wave and invite everybody to join you. Or find a wave near you and enjoy the ride!

"Start with an Idea" VIEW PROJECT
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is a strategy board game where the identity of your tokens are unknown to your opponent.

It's a unique playing experience that combines the use of a physical board and tokens with a mobile app, introducing exciting gameplay mechanics and emergent strategies otherwise impossible in a tabletop game. VIEW PROJECT
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is a gym membership app revolutionizing the way membership works.

With a Pulse account, you gain access to thousands of gyms with the flash of your app badge. Find boutique gyms near you, try new classes you've been interested in, or hit your favorites.

Pulse is your one-stop shop for physical excellence! VIEW PROJECT